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Music videos

Who are we

Studio Yael was established in 2006

Over the years, our studio has engaged in a broad spectrum of design, creating diverse works in various fields such as logos and branding, catalogs, packaging, websites, presentations, animated videos, music clips, graphic designs for TV programs, designs for businesses, restaurants, commercial spaces, and fashion.

We have collaborated with numerous businesses, companies, and organizations. Within the studio, professionals from different backgrounds work together: art directors, animators, production managers, developers, editors, photographers, and more.

We are all here because we chose and love this profession. Always curious and happy to discover new things, learn, and experience design from every angle – design is truly a way of life!

Together, we are a winning team, guiding the client to excellent results. The success of the client and the brand is our success!


Programmer & Information systems


Animator & Video Editor


Lead Designer & Studio Manager

What do we do

Music videos

Editing and designing visuals that accompany songs and music. Allowing imagination to build the video for your song or clip.

Graphic packaging

A complete packaging designed for a movie or series, television program, or promotional film. The logo, intro, transitions, and typography in a design language that accompanies and unifies the overall visual identity.


The unique and creative way to convey a message, express feelings and emotions, connecting through visual enchantment in motion – animation and illustrated videos for tutorials, music videos.


Branding that highlights and distinguishes the brand from competitors. We specialize in comprehensive branding, including logo design and complementary products such as website development, print, user experience (UX/UI), and more…

Let's create something amazing together

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